Show hospitality to your guests the way they deserve: we are here at your service!

I. Hotels

Your guests' first impressions are based on general impression of your venues cleanliness. Lobby, reception desk, hallways, conference rooms and all other spaces, all that must reflect high standards that guests can expect when entering the hotel room or restaurant. Your guests must have impression of consistency in quality and comfort.

We assist your staff in time-efficient cleaning, for maintaining highest standards. During cleaning, you don't have to close areas, so guests can have undisturbed comfort and long-lasting consistency impression.

Luxury hotels represent challenging combination of environment and location management, to provide 24-hours hospitality. Our products help your staff to maintain highest standards of hygiene and care for your guests, all throughout their stay in hotel - from checking-in to checking-out.


II. Restaurants

Hospitality is all about meeting the expectations of guests, from efficiency of quick service in restaurants, to elegant comfort of a relaxing release or an exclusive ambience.

Our products help you to enable your guests experience beyond their expectations while maintaining quality of service through increasing efficiency and productivity. You will save your staff's time and allow them to devote more time taking care for the customers.

Hygiene and solutions for cleaning the surface of the dish, set the tone while at the same time, they improve productivity, reduce costs and take care for the environment.


Restaurant reputation can flourish or go bad, based on hygiene and efficiency of its kitchen. Our efficient, user-friendly and sustainable hygiene solutions enable your staff to maintain routine hygiene, whole getting more time for their other tasks.

Impeccable hygiene standards in areas for preparing and serving food are the must. As you need right ingredients for preparing a great meal, kitchen needs to have right tools. Products in our assortment have high performance, low usage costs, and they are certified to be used in contact with food.


General cleanliness of restaurants, club or caffe bar, helps you to create the guest's first impression. Our disposable wiping products help your staff when maintaining area hygiene standards, at the same time providing your customer a great sense of safety, from the first moment she/he comes in.


III. Bars

Cafees and bars require a high level of efficiency because there is always crowdy in a small space behind the bar. We provide you efficient wiping and washing systems to maintain the hygiene of the area.

During the busy day, there is no time to waste, which means that hygiene systems play an important role. We help your staff when it's busy to increase their efficiency and level of hygiene while delivering the best service for your customers.


75% guests wouldn't return in caffe bar or restaurant where toilets are not clean. toilletes reflect your general hygiene standard and care for guests.

Our toilette solutions help you to assure elegant, easy-to-maintain area, they are in harmony with your ambience and they will guarantee your guests will gladly be back. .