No compromises when it comes to hygiene!

Hospitals, clinics, dental practices, schools, kindergartens, universities, sports facilities

In health care, the need for hygiene and preventing the spread of infection is a priority. Whatever your needs are- in hospitals, nursing homes or any other institution for health care- we have a solutions that satisfy your needs. Within our range you will find solutions to maintain any kind of sanitary facilities or kitchens for patients that will ensure the hygiene, comfort and low cost.

High standards of hygiene are extremely important in preventing medical contamination between patients and hospital staff. Improved hand hygiene of the medical staff and caregivers is the key in preventing infections that are obtained during the hospital stay.

Regular and careful hand washing is the basis of all health facilities. Hand towels and soaps placed on hand washing stations have to be gentle for the hands and handy for quick and easy use.

Hand hygiene helps in prevention of disease

  • 1 in 10 patients gets an infection during their hospital stay
  • Hand hygiene prevents contamination
  • One in three infections can be prevented through better hygiene
  • Dry hands reduces the spread of bacteria