Tardi exhibition at the Adriatic Gastro Show, Split, February 3rd to 6th 2016

Date: 5th February, 2016

Dear business partners, we are inviting you to visit us at the Adriatic Food Show fair in Split from February 3rd to 6th 2016, on our stand #41 at the newly built Spaladium Arena.

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"Let's create PERFECT WORK ENVIRONMENT together"

Date: 11th September, 2014

Project in cooperation with our partner KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL. With your professional needs in mind, we will deliver top-level hygiene and health solutions for your employees on their workplace or outside their homes.

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NEW OFFER - TORK mini portable hand towel centerfeed

Date: 30th August, 2014

Innovative solution - mini portable hand towel centerfeed where towels are protected from water and dirt. It's primarily for spaces for preparation and serving food and drinks. User-friendly design, compactness, big handle, and stability for easy disposal, make this product ultimately practical and reliable.

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Date: 25th August, 2014

If hygiene matters to you, paper towels are the right choice. Research by Westminster University showed that paper towels usage decreases hand bacteria for 77%, in comparison with hot-air hand dryers that increase hand bacteria for 254%, or the sprayed-air hand dryers that increase hand bacteria for 42%.

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